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  • Solomon Gagunashvili

Is It Time to Give Up On Your Dreams?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Gone are the days when failures were considered a reflection of a person’s abilities and self-worth. Today, it’s more like a stepping stone toward success. After all, failure helps you learn and grow and redirect your efforts.

But the pressing question is, how often is it ok to fail before you decide to give up on your dreams? When do you decide it’s best to give up on your dreams and quit than to keep pushing yourself into something that doesn’t seem to happen despite repeated attempts? Is quitting the best option?

Giving up on your dreams can be hard. Especially after investing so much time and effort and putting your heart and soul into something, it’s not easy to give up on your dreams. Moreover, the challenge intensifies because the human reaction to quitting and giving up on dreams differs from the reaction to failure. While failure may be considered a learning opportunity, giving up on a dream may seem like a weakness. And it is due to this bias associated with quitting, you’ll find many individuals struggling with relationships and jobs that aren’t best for them.

The fear of being judged makes goal abandonment a challenge. But it often comes with huge costs related to a person’s mental and emotional well-being.

Remember, quitting is not always the worst possible outcome for you. However, you need to give up on your dream strategically. When you plan to give up on your dream, think of quitting not as a hindrance to your road to success. Instead, consider it a way to reallocate your efforts and resources towards accomplishing something that allows you to grow and live a more rewarding and fulfilling life

How to Strategically Go about Quitting

Wondering how you can give up on your dream and strategically go about quitting? Here are a few approaches you can try to give up on your dreams and move ahead in life

Determine Whether or Not Your Dream Is Unachievable

It may seem like the most difficult step, but that’s where you must start. Think of an unachievable dream. It’s a dream where you’re investing a lot of energy and resources. However, all your efforts to accomplish it persistently end up in failure. In some cases, the choice is obvious. You know the goal that’s unachievable. However, there are instances where there are a lot of gray areas, and determining the unattainability of a goal is vague. That’s where you need to consider your obstacles and life situations in totality. Think of the factors that are in your control and can contribute to your success. If there are few, then your dream is unachievable.

Allocate Your Resources Towards the Next Most Important Goal

It’s unlikely that a person has a single dream in life. You may have multiple goals. And when you realize that one of your goals is unattainable, the following step should reallocate your resources to the next most important goal. When you free up resources from an unattainable goal, you’re left with more resources, including mental energy, to focus on other important life objectives


Establish an Alternative Life Goal and Work Towards It

Finally, the most effective way to deal with giving up on your dream is to identify an alternative life goal that’s meaningful and important for you. When you re-engage yourself in another meaningful goal, you experience better physical and mental health because you haven’t just quit. You have replaced a dream with another one.

Key Takeaways

Giving up on a dream you have wanted for a long time isn’t easy, but when you do it the right way, you can redirect your energy and enthusiasm toward new ideas and even better goals.

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