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How to Set SMART Dreams

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

When you plan to achieve something, it’s a good idea to use the SMART Dream technique to visualize and track your success. Using this approach, you can take specific steps that quantify your progress toward your goal. In this guide, we will explore how you can set SMART Dreams.

Step 1 – Ensure Your Dream is Specific

The first step in setting a SMART Dreamis to describe it specifically. Consider it in quantifiable terms and figure out what actions you have to take to reach there. Here’s an example of how you can make a vague Dream specific.

Step 2 – Make it Measurable

After setting a specific Dream, think about how you can measure it. Through this step, you can take steps to track your progress toward achieving the Dream. It also accounts for any steps you need to implement to help you progress toward your objective. The example below shows how you can make a broad Dreamspecific Unmeasurable Dream: I want to pay off my credit card debt in full. Measurable Dream: I want to pay off my entire credit card debt of $3,000. and measurable.

Step 3 – Figure Out How to Make the Dreams

The next thing you need to do to set SMART goals is to consider how achievable they are. Remember, the more achievable your Dreamis, the more likely you are to work towards it. This is because you know that in order to achieve the goal, you have to take actionable steps that are going to help you measure your progress. Unachievable Dream: I will start saving money to pay off the $3,000 worth of credit card debt. Achievable Dream: I will set aside $300 every month plus interest to pay off my $3,000 debt.

Step 4 – Check if the Dreamis Realistic

Evaluate the steps you plan to take to attain your objective. If you are willing to work extra work shifts, stop borrowing, and reduce your entertainment spending, you have set a realistic goal. If you are hoping to get promoted or thinking about winning the lottery, you might need to reassess your strategy.

Step 5 – Create a Timeline

A time-bound Dreamis one where you have a set timeline to work toward your Dreamand know how much time it will take to accomplish your final results. Make sure you have set realistic timelines and give yourself sufficient opportunities to adjust your Dream. Non-Time-Bound Dream: I will save $300 each month to pay off my $3,000 debt. Time-Bound Dream: By saving $300 per month towards my debt, I will accomplish my Dreamin 10 months.

Wrapping Up

A SMART Dreamneeds to have a specific objective, outline a way to track progress, and be achievable, realistic, and coupled with a clear timeline. Once you have set SMART Dream, you can use the iDreamers app to track and manage your Dream.

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