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8 Famous Ideas That Came From Dreams (Literally)

Everyone has dreams; some they can make sense of, some can’t, and some open their eyes to the realities hidden from them for so long. For some people, dreams can be so inspiring that they push them to achieve big things. If you dreamt of something that ignites a spark in you, know that your dream has helped you identify your purpose, and you need to start working towards making your dream a reality!

Would you believe it if we told you that some of the most famous ideas you see around yourself today came from dreams, literally? A person dreamt of something which can give them an idea, and they made their idea so big that it got known to the world! We aren’t exaggerating.

Let’s look at 8 of the most famous ideas whose roots stem from dreams – you’ll find it hard to believe, but trust us, that’s what they once were – dreams!

1. The Red Book by Carl Jung

The famous and widely known The Red Book by Carl Jung features several psychedelic drawings of characters from his dreams that he claims helped him explore himself better. He feared that the content of The Red Book would make people believe he was mad, but instead, it gained all the right traction and helped people in their self-exploration journey.

2. Waking Life by Richard Linklater

The famous movie, Waking Life, released in 2001 by the director Richard Linklater stems from the director Richard Linklater’s dreams. The animated movie is about a man who moves from one dream to the other, meets interesting people, and has surreal experiences while he finds answers to some of life’s most important questions.

3. Inception by Christopher Nolan

A movie that broke records, Inception, also stems from a dream that the director Christopher Nolan had. The director had a dream about the idea of a dream life being another state of reality. He used this very idea, popped in some technology, and made a masterpiece that we all know of today!

4. No. 9 Dream by John Lennon

Have you heard the song No.9 Dream by John Lennon? John Lennon’s best-selling song, which got the 9th spot on the UK’s Billboard Hot 100 Chart, stems from the singer’s dream. The singer wrote the song No.9 Dreams, considered as the singer’s best solo, after he heard a phrase that didn’t make any sense in his dream. The phrase was, “Ah! Böwakawa poussé, poussé,” Now, when you look at the lyrics closely, they’ll make a lot more sense to you –

  1. So long ago

  2. Was it in a dream

  3. Was it just a dream?

  4. Seemed so very real,

  5. It seemed so real to me

5. Yesterday by The Beatles

We all know the song Yesterday, by The Beatles, don’t we? Paul McCartney dreamt of the tune. He woke up one morning with a tune that sounded good but unfamiliar. He played it on his piano, shared it with his friends, and today, the tune is what we know of as The Beatles.

6. Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Persistence of Memory is one of the most popular paintings by Salvador Dali, which the painter has accepted to be inspired by a dream. The painting, which features melting clocks, conveys the message that the concept of time becomes unrestrained when one dreams.

7. Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

The famous poet Edgar Allan Poe experienced nightmares all his life, inspiring some of his poems and short stories.

8. Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

Dreamcatcher is one of the most popular and successful works by Stephen King. He says that the story was inspired by a dream that he had often where there were 4 guys in a camp, and then there came a guy with a hitchhiker to this camp. But this isn’t the only book by Stephen King that is known to be inspired by his dreams. According to him, his dreams helped him portray ideas better.

Ending Note

So, if a dream you find is nonsensical, maybe it’s not? Maybe it’s guiding you toward a greater purpose. Think about it!

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