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  • Solomon Gagunashvili

5 Signs It’s Okay to Give Up on a Dream

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We all grow up listening to motivational messages like “Never give up on your dreams!” but sometimes things change. Your passions transform, and you’re no longer willing to put your heart and soul into something that was once quite meaningful to you.

And that’s okay.

We all move on with life; dreams and passions change over time.

Here are five signs indicating that you want to move away from your long-held dream and why it can be in your best interest.

1. You’ve Lost Interest

Remember the times when you first discovered your dream? Think of the passion you had for your dream back then. Does it still exist? If you no longer experience that exciting spark for your dream that used to be your key motivator, it indicates it’s time to move on in a different direction. And it’s okay because you can’t have the same dream forever. Life changes over time, and so do your experiences, due to which you feel inspired to do something different.

2. You Think about Your Life Objectives

Do you keep thinking about your life objectives? Do you think about what you should do in life? Do you want to set yourself free from others’ expectations? It’s time to give up on a dream. Because often, your dreams are based on what others expect of you. Remember, your dreams shouldn’t be about pleasing others. Setting yourself free from others’ expectations is one of the best things you can do for yourself, even better than accomplishing your dreams!

3. You Change Your Plan

You may have wanted to go to a business school for a long time, but now you’re planning to relocate to a state with limited job opportunities for business graduates. So, you change your plan. Now you intend to pursue Liberal Arts. In such instances, it’s okay to give up on your dream because you are now making life choices that are more aligned with your reality and circumstances. Now, that’s a different story: your change of plan was not always up to liking, but it’s always more practical to adapt along the way and consider the brighter side of giving up on a dream for a good reason.

4. You Want to Quit

Now, this is an obvious sign that you want to give up on your dream. If you no longer want to pursue your dream and want to walk away for whatever reason, it’s okay. When you make this difficult choice, society makes it an even bigger challenge, reminding you that letting go is a weakness instead of a strength. Well, to be honest, letting go is the true strength. It only happens when you truly know your reality, accept it, and are satisfied with your choice. At times, it’s in your best interest to accept what isn’t meant to be and quit only to find happiness in some other, more realistic dream.

5. You Start Considering Alternatives

When you let go of something, something different and new is always waiting for you. And it could even be better than your original dream. So why not think of every opportunity as a chance to grow and get different perspectives that can take you far ahead and change your reality for the better?

Final Words

Giving up on a dream you have chased for so long is okay, for there’s always something different (which could be new and improved) waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

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