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  • Solomon Gagunashvili

5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Dreams with Others

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

When you have a list of dreams that you want to fulfill, you probably focus a lot of your time and energy on bringing them to life. One of the best ways to turn your dream into a reality is the practice of sharing it with the people you trust. In this article, we explore some of the top reasons why you should share your dreams with others.

1. Increases Accountability

The second you share your dreams with other people, you automatically make yourself accountable. For instance, if you tell your friend that you’re planning to go on a vacation, it goes without saying that the next time you meet with them, they will ask how your travel plans are coming along. This accountability helps to make sure that you stick to and follow your dreams. Thus, the moment you share your dreams with others, your overall involvement in that project increases.

2. Helps You Structure Dreams Clearly

Each time you share your dream with another person, you’re highly likely to get some useful information from that discussion. This way, your dream ultimately becomes much clearer and takes a completely new shape.

3. Allows You to Measure Your Progress

Progress measurement isn’t just about being accountable; it has more to do with metrics. As you move closer to achieving your dream, you would want to see how far you are from accomplishing it. This information can be useful in various contexts. For example, you might want to start working towards a new dream or assess the resources you have used already. Sharing your dreams will make it much easier for you to measure your progress. In some cases, you might even use your peers as your supervisors or guides. For instance, when you aim to quit smoking, you can ask them to support you.

4. Boosts Your Motivation

Apart from increasing accountability, sharing your dreams with others motivates you and gives you a sense of excitement toward bringing them to life. Motivation comes in numerous forms; nevertheless, it should work as a means to enhance your willpower to stick to it instead of you becoming completely dependent on it.

5. Builds Connections with Similar People

When you share your dreams with similar individuals, you can expand your social circle. Building meaningful connections is an excellent way to make progress toward your dreams. Each action you take such as sharing updates, details, etc., regarding your dream, allows you to stay connected with people.

Wrapping Up

Sharing your dreams with friends and updating them regularly about the progress you make really increases your chances of bringing them to life. One way to share your dreams with like-minded individuals is to use the iDreamers app. This app lets you communicate with other dreamers who can give you the support you need!

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