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4 Ways to Collaborate With a Friend That Shares Your Dream

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Did you know that people are more likely to be successful when they work on a dream they share with a friend? Collaborating with friends allows you to use your knowledge and skills in ways that help you get the best results. Keep in mind you’ll want those around you to recognize your dreams and help you achieve them. Thus, you need to treat them the same way. In this article, we share some tips on collaborating with a friend who shares your dream.

1. Provide Feedback to One Another

When working with a friend toward a common dream, it’s important that you share feedback with each other. While it’s great to have friends who stand behind you, pat you on the back, and cheer you on, it’s even better to have someone who gives you unconditional support and provides helpful growth-focused feedback. Note that sharing feedback isn’t the same as criticizing. When sharing your thoughts, you should make sure you’re encouraging your friend to leverage their strengths.

2. Share Resources

Think of ways you can help each other in realizing your common dream. It could be sharing industry information, using your technical skills, introducing them to a great contact, suggesting a book, podcast, or course, etc. You both need to be available to help each other and call on one another in case of any problem.

3. Follow a Balanced Approach

It’s easy for people to get obsessed with their dreams. You are completely hooked and will do anything you can to bring it to life. However, this can burn out you and your friend. Thus, be realistic with your aims right from the start. It’s good to be driven but remember, you and your friends are humans and need rest like everyone else. Sit down with your friend to make a timetable and set aside sufficient time every day or week to work towards your dream. For instance, if you both are planning to run a 10K race, you should come up with a training plan – one that gives you the right level of training without the fear of exhaustion.

4. Motivate Each Other

A major incentive in realizing your dream is to see how far you have come already. If your friend’s weight loss success suddenly hits a standstill and they are tempted to return to their old habits, remind them how well they have done up to this point. Throughout your journey, take pictures of yourself together, maintain a joint diary, and record your experiences. Keeping track of good and bad weeks allows you to keep each other’s motivation levels high.

Wrapping Up

When you’re trying to excel in life, there’s nothing better than collaborating with a friend who shares your dream. Make sure to follow the tips highlighted above and use the iDreamers app, where you can share your dreams with others, communicate with other dreamers, and collaborate with them.

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